Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!!!! And The Journey Has Begun!

So this is it, the start of 2012. It will take some time getting used to referring to 2011 as last year and writing the date as 2012- the year we're 'supposed' to die. New year's resolutions are being made and more than 80% will not be achieved. Of course these are made up numbers but I am sure most of you will agree with me. Come on put your hand up, who has actually achieved their 2011 resolution. You have? Congratulations you are one motivated person, unless your resolution was to read less books... Well then you're just quite pathetic...sorry.

Now as you have probably noticed I like to ramble, and about the most random things. That's how I am so if you're not ready to listen to ( well more like read) to ramblings of a teenager I suggest you exit out of here.Just click the x and you'll be free of me!

Okay so I had the intention of talking about reading from the 1st paragraph but as that didn't happen here it is. In 2011 I read maybe 25 books...maybe. That is disgraceful. I can't believe that happened, so this year I am giving myself a kick up my backside and aiming to read at least 105 books. The reading challenges are a godsend.I am the type of person that likes to prove to myself that I can do it. So this year I will continue with my obsession of Historical Fiction, Mysteries and Sci-Fi. And find other worlds with the help of Classics and Young Adult Books.

I might not update this as frequently as I can and I might not read as much as I would like to. But school comes before anything and when I come back from Christmas Holidays the pressure will be on. As this is my last year of secondary school and those who live in the UK know how important this year is. So I apologize in advance.

Ultimately my goal for 2012 is to find a gem or gems in the world of literature.

Thank You for taking your time to listen to a ramblings of a hormonal teenager and have a Happy New Year and I Hope Your Wishes Will Come True!!!

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  1. First I aboslutely love your writing style. It's very catchy :) and second please let me wish you good luck on your goal of 105 books in 2012! Thats certainly a number to aim for. I agreet that the challenges are amazing though and they motivate me as well.

    Let me know on how you are doing!