Thursday, 9 February 2012

Yeah I'm back.... for today

 Hello, I've been away for a while now. School work has been really intense and I haven't really done much reading,  and my space button on my laptop broke so I couldn't really update anything. I really wanted to do January Wrap -Up but I didn't have a space button, so that didn't work out.

I'm also 6 books behind on my GoodReads, hopefully I can go and fix that during summer. Until summer is not an option, unless of course I want to fail my GCSE'S.

In addition I have been considering changing the way I rate my books, so from now on they will be rated out of 10. And I'll only post reviews of the books I liked or if there is a book that everyone likes and I din't,  I'll also post that.

I'm currently reading 'Can You Keep A Secret?' By Sophie Kinsella. I'm nearly finished so I will post a review on that this weekend, seeing as I'm going Italy next week I wont be able to post anything else.
This months I'm also hoping to read 'Lovely Bones' and another romance book. But I don't think that will happen.

Alright so I don't have anymore time, have to go revise science... see you later blog

What was that???
Akward Face.